Supporting Materials Wood Furniture

Cooking is the main activity in the kitchen. But it was not just food alone that can be processed in the kitchen. New story, new inspiration, even exciting interaction with family members and relatives can be done in the kitchen.

How do these activities become more pronounced? Attention to detail the function of the kitchen is the answer.

In general, the kitchen is divided into four areas. Area, namely area stores (storage), cooking, washing, and preparing food. But in the era of the all compact, the kitchen has to be able to accommodate the activity and volume of goods that a lot. Then came the kitchen products that support these demands. Among them is an integrated storage system with kitchen cabinets, cabinet lid system is increasingly varied, and wood material technology that can maximize the detailed character of the wood material.

Wood materials more easily processed. Samarinda camphor wood, teak, wood or composite material form, can dipadupadankan with storage systems, so as to create spaces that is more compact and maximize storage volume. In the past, space has been utilized in areas difficult angle. But now be easier because there is a special cabinet shelf for the corner area.

Similarly, the durability of wood. More options to improve the durability of this timber. From the use of anti-termite technology, a sophisticated drainage system, until the processed material, can be done. Processed composite material kitchen supporters are getting lighter. It certainly lighten the load of wood structure. Wood is not easy to bounce from the pressure. Age kitchen can be more durable.

Supporting Materials Wood Furniture

The function of the kitchen is directly related to devices and furniture. But remember, the design becomes important when the device is in padupadankan with wooden kitchen cabinet. So what can be done?

Make sure that the purposes of the cabinet, so you get the picture of the size of the device and the necessary furniture. For example, certain cabinet design is intended as a container plate, then make sure the size of the cabinet in accordance with the size of the device’s built-in plate rack on the market.
Plan the use of brand kitchen equipment and furniture from the beginning. Conduct market survey to determine the need for furniture that fits in your kitchen. Ask for product brochure showing the specifications and size. It is important to align the device and furnishings with our kitchen design.
Kitchen devices require treatment. Make sure the kitchen design that makes it easy to care activities. Use a design that makes it easy to remove and install such devices in the kitchen material, without causing damage, such as peeling or damaged wood is too hard mounting bolts.
“Tips for you”

Choose materials that have been in dry wood. Use antirayap. Dry wood to reduce weight bias of wood and not easily deformed.
When you choose to use wood resale of doors, frames, or refined furniture that has good quality wood (teak, merbau, or camphor), choose the parts that are not exposed to pressure due to compression force from the structure. This is to prevent the hard wood is processed and formed.
Wood requires care, especially the often exposed to water. Enamelling wood with waterproof material should be done at the beginning of creation, so the wood drying is maintained.

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