Shelters are Designed Proportionally With Tropical Architecture Principle

Shelter located in the elite house in Semarang, Central Java is indeed different. Two-storey house with a basement is a modern tropical style and has beautiful views towards the mountains Ungaran. The work of architect consultant Egino Tri Prasetyo of Architecture Utopia began from the desires of the day-to-day living in suburban areas to have a prestige residence in Hyderabad and gave him the freedom to make it happen. In the early stages, architects cultivate the potential of land in an area of 950 m2 is contoured and extends to the side. Being a single dwelling is designed in the form of a large cube that becomes the main building and one other smaller cube next to it and which is set forth dynamically. The two cubes are connected by a transparent cube containing the staircase and decorative reflective pool in front of him. Area main entrance (entrance) is characterized by a ladder, gawangan and parcel of the wall that “juts” out.

Occupancy was also designed with a proportional distribution of legs, body, and head of the building in accordance with the principles of tropical architecture in which part of his body is dominated by a wide aperture to optimize the entry of natural light in and views to the outdoors. Some front gardens and private areas such as family room and dining room purposely built 3m higher than the road (elevated garden). Basement area underneath used for the service area and garage as well as reinforce the “foot” solid construction. Details of residential architecture also uses the latest technology so that the vocal point for example the construction of steel stairs in the house is designed not stick with glass walls that give the impression of ‘floating’ and sophisticated. The flow of circulation and orientation of each room in the shelter set up ‘flow’ in order to optimize the sustainability of antarruang while the family room is equipped by two-floor void height to enhance the field.
Asiatique and Amarillo interior designers use modern furniture and accessories in accordance with the concept of tropical architecture. This cozy atmosphere supported by good lighting (lighting) with warm white tone color such as light hidden (indirect lighting) in suspended ceilings and lighting uplight outdoor type to accentuate the figure of the building.
Good design is good business. This expression is the reference active Egino Tri Prasetyo, a young architect from Semarang, Central Java consultant who heads the Architecture of Utopia. Since graduating from the Faculty of Engineering University of Tarumanegara architecture in Jakarta, Egino saw a need and an increasingly high public appreciation of architecture, interior and urban planning. Having worked in Jakarta, Egino decided to return to his hometown and open a consulting business in 2002 and fruiting success. With a strong commitment, Egino succeeded in giving the best solutions and unique, especially on the composition of the space (layout) and sporting a facade that is simple, elegant and timeless. The works Egino have many of them published in the Griya Asri this occupancy.

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