Feng Shui Knowledge Learned by the Perpetrators of Interior Design and Architecture


3CREATE maintained in order to welcome the Dies Natalis Trisakti University. This event is an event the result of collaboration between the Department of Architecture FTSP Trisakti University Alumni Association Architecture Trisakti “Adhipati” and the Architecture Students Association “Adhisthana”. Golden Secrets of Feng Shui, is one topic of the seminar is one of a series of events of this anniversary. The seminar was held on Thursday, 5 November 2009 in buildings D Trisakti campus. Yohan Suyangga, SE., MM as one of the speakers reveal how the science of feng shui can bring the chi (energy) positively and create a harmonious balance.

Yohan explain how to make green interior of a house. It is said that it can be done with the reuse of old furniture, recycling utilization, use of water purifying plants, the use of open space (ventilation), the use of eco LEDs which can reduce the radiation and presents a small garden in the yard.
According to the science of feng shui, green interiors were created by creating a balance that can represent the five elements namely water, fire, earth, wood and metal in every room interior.
Yohan mentioned that the balance of the element of “yin and yang” is also worth noting, for example the balance between hot and cold elements. The bathroom under the stairs which was considered not good to be overcome with attention to balance its yin and yang. Bathrooms are considered cold should be balanced by presenting something that is hot like the use of red or yellow lights bernuasa.
Science of feng shui is much studied by the perpetrators of interior design and architecture. Science of feng shui can be one of science that can be applied in the construction of homes and become a reference in designing a building.

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