Empty Ball In The Atyle of Balinese Architecture

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Relax not in the house. Outside it was okay, if only there is a pavilion.

Gazebo is one of the harsh elements of a garden. What is meant by hard elements are the elements, the type of non-living (not plants) have. Given these harsh elements, the character of a garden would look stronger.

Currently recognizes almost every country in the pavilion. For thousands of years, the pavilion was built many, including China and Japan. At that time, the pavilion is used as a place to drink tea. No wonder that the pavilion is also called the Tea House.

Pavilion varied forms, there is a circle, square or hexagon. The mention of names Pavilion vary in each country and region. In Bali there is a pavilion-like structure known as the blank bale.

Places to relax

Once in the area of Bali, blank balls, a part of Balinese architecture to be adapted. This is a permanent building as an informal space, a place to relax and recover function in breathing fresh air and the surrounding gardens.

Formerly (and still are) in some areas in Bali empty bales as a place to dry or put the crops such as paddy rice before he arrives in the barn at harvest.

Main structure

Bale is actually turned a small house built, which is open and in open areas or on park land. Building separate from the main house. The main structure is on the columns, which removes the roof. Number of poles in wood is generally composed of 4, but some are more depending on the size of the building. The roof is made of shingles or may be made of reeds.

Bale filmed by a continuous basis as the main support structure of the load on it, namely the load on the pillars and roof rails. While the floor mat made of brick or concrete composition. On the surface layer on top, where a flooring material made of ceramic or natural stone. It can also acian a layer of cement. With a layer of it is when that will sit on the couch staring Floors must be covered with a mat or towel.

Floor blank bale is typically 30 cm – 60 cm above the ground. This is what characterizes the blank bale. Previously, this survey has its own function, that is for relaxing when sitting on the floor empty ball, you are not animals that you disturbed addressed.

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