Design a Fish Pond in The House

One of our customers want to have a fish pond, with the sound of flowing water. They stare at the fish in the pond had stingrays another sensation in the aquarium. But how mensiasatinya if the land is narrow? Moreover, when hope is floating candle to give a romantic impression given time. As entertaining dining room, or simply to entertain, to family members at night.

Get the “homework” to a fish pond in the house of fun design. Especially if the results are real. Not only the design but also really fun.
I place two pictures, the floor plan and perspective drawing tiny fish pond. The first floor plan of a fish pond tersebutl (see above).

The available space was divided into two parts is not as great. Smaller part is used to put a wooden board on the pond from one side access.
The second picture is a picture perspektinya.

In the perspective drawing is visible on the left side of the floating candles, candle alias that can be placed in a glass jar. The wall at the back of the pond and the right side with stone, and on the front with coral stone. In the middle of the back of a small monument also created a kind of black stone. Bergemericik water flowing natural stone. On the front instead of ornamental plants and flowers to give the impression of the beautiful or natural. Composition of color around the pool accessories enhance the uniqueness of the fish pond.
This tiny fish pond can also be used to the office or restaurant with a limited area.
Hmm, interesting, is not it? Of course, the two pictures above to work to working with drawings for implementers to be equipped. Images of work, the size dimensions of each part for a fish pond is really come up with a balanced composition. It should also diperhatikanbeberapa special techniques for water in the pool was not until the end or entry into other parts of the house. But an experienced artisans usually know really how to do it. In the above case, both design and pelaksanaannnya dikreasi by our studio.

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