Apchin Design Corp Incorporates Supreme Luxury In Their Custom Home Design

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Your home should be your sanctuary, the place you dream of getting to after a long day of work or a tough day on the go. People are not always aware of how their surroundings impact them but with a high quality custom home design, anyone can feel like there’s no place like home. Apchin Design Corp understands the importance of a home that represents you and with expertise behind every project you can be sure that your home will be a perfect reflection of your extraordinary vision.

Denis Apchin, an award-winning designer of spectacular luxury homes, has a passion for design. His ability to thrive from a challenge has earned him a reputation for creating the most stunning aesthetic buildings that are known to harmonize with their environments. With a unique twist on each home that represents the distinctive attribute of its owners, Apchin has managed to achieve utter perfection in modern luxury.

Apchin Design Corp. is an award-winning design and building firm that specializes in creating luxury, functional and innovative design solutions. From offices in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, Apchin Design Corp can provide their services anywhere around the globe. The services provided by Apchin Design Corp. are:

•    Design Consultation

•    Concept Designs

•    3D AutoCAD Models and Renderings

•    Construction Drawings

•    Interior Design and Specifications

•    Construction Management

•    Project Management

The Apchin Design Corp. devotes their skill and knowledge to creating the most breathtaking homes around the world. They have extensive experience with wood framing and steel erection, as well as cast-in-place, pre-cast and tilt-up concrete construction. They are adaptive and innovative always searching for new sustainable construction methodologies.

Their portfolio is filled with stunning homes ranging from modern and contemporary homes to rustic vacation cabins but all are created with luxury in mind. The Crescendo ski chalet located at Big White Ski Resort is just one such example that was designed and built for clients from San Diego. At 5,400 square feet this beautiful vacation home is available to book for the ultimate luxury ski holiday. The effort Apchin Design Corp. put into this structure shows within every element. From the eye-catching exterior to the elaborate interior, this home is one example of the award-winning custom home design Apchin Design Corp is known for.

Denis Apchin strongly believes in harmony. That in order for a home to be the ultimate in luxury and design, it is essential to factor in the environmental surroundings and the home owner’s individuality. For every unique home design, Apchin guarantees to listen closely to his clients to ensure that he honors their individual characters and to build a structure sensitive to their needs.

In addition to harmony, Apchin Design Corp firmly believes that custom home designs with today’s advances should employ energy efficient and non-toxic materials and technologies. In each approach, Apchin Design Corp explores every possibility from an aesthetic, functional, and ecological point of view. Denis Apchin has devoted time and effort into utilizing natural light and ecological construction methods and materials wherever possible.

When you look for magnificent custom home designs, it is comforting to know that there is a designer that employs their beliefs in energy efficiency, harmony and their client’s individuality in every project. With Apchin Design Corp building and designing your structures you can be sure that true dedication to meeting your needs is incorporated in every square foot. For more information about Apchin Design Corp visit their website at apchin.

Denis Apchin is the founder of Apchin Design Corp. Denis is an award winning, Okanagan based designer of spectacular, luxury homes.

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