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Supporting Materials Wood Furniture

Cooking is the main activity in the kitchen. But it was not just food alone that can be processed in the kitchen. New story, new inspiration, even exciting interaction with family members and relatives can be done in the kitchen. … Continue reading

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Preserve Ecosystems Around The Home Page

Appeal to plant trees around the houses, not without reason. According to the research, a tree has the ability to absorb pollutants 12 kg of CO2 gas and produce enough oxygen for four people in one year. Recognizing this, the … Continue reading

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Feng Shui Knowledge Learned by the Perpetrators of Interior Design and Architecture

3CREATE maintained in order to welcome the Dies Natalis Trisakti University. This event is an event the result of collaboration between the Department of Architecture FTSP Trisakti University Alumni Association Architecture Trisakti “Adhipati” and the Architecture Students Association “Adhisthana”. Golden … Continue reading

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